Racism & Hate Have No Place Here!

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Racism & Hate Have No Place Here

Stand Up To Hate!

The horror of watching one Black man’s life being carelessly chocked away requires outrage and most importantly action!

The violence and inhumanity that killed George Floyd, minute by awful minute, is a prism for the callous force of structural racism. Every screen that watched through social media was a witness to a brutal system with contempt for human life. 

Racism hurts us ALL. ⁣Here at #BloomandTheBeeBoutique ⁣
We stand with those who stand against racism. And while this county undergoes a much needed systemic renovation, we want to do our part by using our social media platform to BEE a link — pointing you towards individuals, organizations and businesses that STAND for change and during these jarring times NEED your love & support. 

#TogetherWeAreStronger #WeAreStrongerTogether #BlackBusinessOwner #BlackBusinessOwnersOfAtlanta #BlackWomenInBusiness⁣

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Lippie: Opulence
Earrings: Wild Wood Hoops
Tee: @yepracismsucks

Follow us on Instagram to shop & support companies who are STANDING TALL in the midst of turmoil! 

Keep, BEE’in Safe!

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Meet Our Queen Bee

Gabbie McGee

For over 15 years,  Gabbie McGee  has lived as a passionate creative; lovingly using her gifts and talents to paint the world around her with vibrant colors. Whether it’s advocating for the preservation of the Jazz music genre, lending her voice to charitable causes like 'The Fight Against Cancer', contributing to the art of cinematic storytelling as an actress, or working as a style curator for the budding new lifestyle brand ‘Bloom and The Bee' – Gabbie is a woman of vision, determined to leave everything she touches just a little better than she found it.

What She BEElieves...

“I am surrounded by an amazing support system of women. They are wives, mothers, teachers, authors, doctors, musicians — beautiful, strong and intelligent women who are wise and spiritually sound. They keep me grounded and they make me laugh when life does its best to make me cry. 

Sisterhood is important to me, and this new adventure as Style Curator and Co-Founder of Bloom & The Bee gives me an opportunity to not only honor my sister Ledora’s memory, it also allows me to encourage friendship, uplift those who are down with positivity, and inspire thoughtful gift giving... as regular practice, not just on Christmas!

I want to help strengthen the bond between mothers, sisters, daughters, sister-friends and women all over the world!“ 


The Bloom & The Bee Story

What Customers Are Buzzin' About

I looooooove Bloom & the Bee!! I was finally able to purchase some of their beautiful pieces recently and to say I’m pleased is an understatement. I’m excited to purchase again soon, bloom and the bee my new retail therapy weakness.

Stacy Wilson | Washington, D.C.

Fortitude is the BEST red lipstick I've ever worn! 

Kenya Ifarinu | Manhattan, NY

My Bloom's Boss Bag arrived at my doorstep very fast and was even more beautiful in person. 

Barbara Groves | Greenville, MS

 The Simply Chic hat I purchased during the Retail Therapy Sale came in a beautiful hat box. I love the way they package their items!

Debra Sigee | Wilmington, TN

I recently tried the Clearly Hydrated Lip Balm, it is really good. It does what it says it can do! I like that!

Sheryl Owens|Destin, FL