Where It All Began


Over 30 years ago in a small town, in a small house, in a small room; with a HUGE closet...the Bloom & The Bee story began.

To the two girls who lived in that small house, that HUGE closet was the gateway to where their Grandmother's extravagant church hats, delicate lace gloves, & luxurious silk scarves would transport them to an imaginary wonder world where playing dress up was QUEEN!

Gabbie McGee and her little sister Ledora spent countless hours pretending to be "fancy ladies" and daydreaming of all the amazing places they would travel to dressed in bright colors, draped in elegant pearls; wearing dazzling chandelier earrings and layers upon layers of glittering gold & silver bracelets! 

 Sisterhood: An Unbreakable Bond

On October 9, 2011, Ledora earned the Ultimate Crown after a long battle with brain cancer. Although the sisters had to part ways physically, their extraordinary bond of LOVE and SUPPORT for one another continues to live on. Gabbie promised her sister that for as long as she lived, she would always create ways to share her amazing story of hope, laughter, and strength.

And so, to honor their beloved "Bumble Bee", Gabbie McGee and her family founded Bloom & The Bee Boutique with the promise to fill the shop to the top with all the things Ledora loved -- Colorful Purses, Beautiful Bracelets, Vivid Lipsticks and ALL things sparkly!