Fortitude Lipstick
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bloomandthebee,Fortitude Lipstick,Bloomandthebee,
Fortitude Lipstick

Fortitude Lipstick

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Lots of F words were being thrown around our studio as we photographed our lush lipsticks... words like FANTASTIC , FABULOUS, FEMININE  & FUN! 

For us worker bees, Fall is only our 2nd favorite F word...our 1st fave is FORTITUDE! 

This vivid cherry hue will be your lips’ favorite friend as temperatures start to heat up —supercharged with avocado oil and vitamin E, this instant confidence booster is long-wearing and always the perfect pop of color for work or play!  Go RED! 

  • Contains: Honey, Jojoba Oil,  Avocado Oil & Vitamin E
  • This Lipstick is NOT Vegan, but it sure is Vibrant!